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I work with many clients struggling to secure the long-term care they need. Whether Medicaid payments are not as high as they should be or you are waiting on Veteran’s benefits, every opportunity must be explored to ensure you have the best care possible. I will meet with you personally and discuss all options for Elder Care, including Veteran’s Administration benefits.

Household assets, gross income, and medical expenses will be scrutinized by the VA. Make sure your affairs are in order to secure the most assistance possible.

VA Benefits and Eligibility

Meet with the team at the Law Office of Jennifer Dodson to determine your eligibility for aid and other Veteran’s Administration offerings. We will take into account your family, finances, and assets, and we can discuss the following areas to see how to improve your current level of long-term care in Kansas City, MO:

  • VA pension. This is available to any Veteran, as well as his or her surviving spouse. However, your spouse must have been married to you for at least one year before your death. Remarriages do not qualify. This program is only available to veterans who are 65 years or older or permanently disabled and served active duty for at least 90 days –including at least one day during an official war period. You cannot have been dishonorably discharged. 

In addition to these limits based on service, Congress caps the value of your income and assets. If your net worth exceeds this figure, you will not qualify for additional benefits. For example, your gross monthly income must be less than your out-of-pocket medical expenses; however, there is no hard figure limiting your assets. Rather, they can be deemed “excessive,” which is an issue you must address with a skilled legal counselor. He or she can tell you how to optimize your VA benefits. 

  • Under-utilized pensions. For example, Aid and Attendance is a special Veteran’s pension that may be available for you and your surviving spouse. This offsets the cost of at-home, assisted living, or traditional nursing home care. If you require daily aid—the assistance of another person—you may qualify for base pension plus this supplemental benefit. It hinges on satisfying the Veteran Administration’s base criteria. The benefit amount for this additional program changes every year, but our experienced attorneys can keep you current on any changes. 

For 2015, maximum benefit amounts for veterans are: $2,906.83 for single veterans with no children and $3,068.90 for married veterans with no children. There are certain military service and asset limit requirements that must be satisfied to qualify for this program. Do not skip this step and go without the additional income because it can greatly improve your quality of life.

  • The quality of your estate plan. Veteran’s benefits eligibility should be an important part of your estate plan. Along with deliberate Medicaid planning, it will play a critical role in determining your quality of life through your 60s, 70s, and beyond.

Understanding and Meeting VA Limits and Requirements 

If you or your spouse served in the armed forces, make sure you take advantage of any Veteran’s benefits for which you qualify. These pensions, along with a carefully prepared estate plan and long-term insurance provision, can be the difference between living comfortably and arguing in court for money you are owed.

Consult with the Law Offices of Jennifer Dodson to put the correct plan for your long-term care in place. I will personally communicate with you to guarantee every possible improvement to your care and insurance plans has been considered. Contact us today at 816-977-2763 for a free consultation.

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