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Probate and estate planning may seem like a dark subject; in fact, some people avoid it for that very reason. Regardless of the associated pain, it is important to take care of these needs. Doing so can give you incredible peace, knowing your assets will go exactly where you need. Know your options and work with us to take care of every aspect of your estate.

The Basics of Estate Planning in Kansas City, MO

At the Law Office of Jennifer Dodson, we will evaluate your family needs, assets, and any details specific to your case. Rest assured that you will leave with the best possible estate plan, confident that every step has been taken. Before you begin, it is important to understand the basics of this process in Missouri. Here are the who, what, and why of estate planning:

  • Who? Eventually, your assets will transfer to another person. If you do not make plans ahead of time about who that person is, your assets may not go to who you had in mind. Working on a will with a qualified team, such as the qualified legal counsel you will find at my Kansas City, MO office, ensures that the people, charities, and other groups or persons you want to care for can enjoy the gift you leave.
  • What? Will or trust; to whom do I grant power of attorney? The answers to these questions depend on your personal finances and wishes. That is why we take an individual approach to our clients. Some need a will, and others need a trust. For example, smaller estates may be entitled to unique affidavits or muniments of title. Let us review your family situation, assets, and needs to match you with the right option. We will organize and submit all paperwork to keep the process as positive as possible.
  • Why? Regardless of wealth and personal assets, everyone needs an estate plan. This may include a will, living will, power of attorney designations, and more, but it is essential to organize your financial affairs. This ensures your assets are distributed appropriately. A thorough Estate Plan will address who is in charge of carrying out your wishes by appointing a Trustee. Working with an experienced legal advocate can safeguard the assets you leave to loved ones against creditors’ demands.

Probate Law and Your Kansas City Estate Attorney

When the time comes for your will or trust to be read and assets divided, state courts rely on the probate process to determine the validity of your estate plan and distribution of assets. This includes potential liquidation of holdings and any payment to creditors. However, you may not have to go through probate. For example, if you only have exempt assets, you do not have to go through this process.

This is another reason why estate planning is so important: even if you do not leave a will, the estate may go through the probate. This process is regulated by Missouri law, so work with a local attorney to ensure you understand this process and how the division of your assets will play out. This is the only way to confirm the correct documents are in place and your wishes are met exactly as you anticipate. 

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