Kansas City Debt Settlement Lawyer

Working Your Way Out of Debt in Kansas City

Debt negotiation is an essential process, whether you are faced with insurmountable obligations or owe thousands of dollars to multiple creditors. Either way, debt negotiation is one of many available financial options to get your finances back on track. However, it takes time and lots of paper work – not to mention the counseling of an experienced Kansas City Debt Settlement Lawyer.

Working with the Right Legal Guidance in Your Corner 

Even if everything goes perfectly, debt negotiation leaves you with some responsibility. Working with the right team ensures:

  • You negotiate correctly – and with the right parties. When it comes to debt negotiation, there are plenty of people willing to contact creditors on your behalf and “renegotiate” finances. You must go through the proper channels, though. Those struggling with mounting debt often hope for debt forgiveness. Even still, do not pay a business with commercial interests to look over your financial information. A debt settlement attorney with success mitigating claims for similar clients in your state is the best way to ensure your troubles are alleviated honestly and correctly.
  • You are prepared for tax season. Even with a new renegotiated figure, your debt may still be taxable by the IRS. Work with your Kansas City debt settlement lawyer and a financial advisor to make sure you account for this difference.
  • The remaining debt is handled legally. Do not simply dip into your retirement funds or 401k to pay the new amount you owe. Experienced financial advocates can let you know how to repay your debt in legal ways avoiding issues with the IRS. 

If you are struggling to get out of debt, contact our debt settlement team. The Law Office of Jennifer Dodson can review your financial options with you, and I will help you take your first steps toward a debt-free future.

The Benefits of Kansas City Debt Settlement

Debt settlement can result in the repayment of your debts in one lump sum, at a significantly lowered amount, and more. Consider the following advantages:

  • Immediate help with debt collectors. Seemingly endless calls from collectors can be stressful, embarrassing, and frustrating. We know you are struggling to find a way out of debt, and constant harassment does nothing to help. Negotiating your debt with the Law Office of Jennifer Dodson means protection from collectors now – whether that means court intervention or personal mediation.
  • Refocus your credit. Ideally, once you negotiate your debt, you will be able to make payments on time. Even if you are consistent, a fresh start or a smaller amount to pay helps refocus on smart spending and building a healthy credit score. That is next to impossible when all you have time to worry about is your creditor.

Know Your Financial Options

Your financial situation is unique – just because debt negotiation sounds like a dream does not mean it is the best option for you. Consider all the options at your disposal: debt negotiation, Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and more. For example, many individuals who file for Bankruptcy have more opportunities to rebuild credit because they are freed from what they owe. These alternatives may give you more relief than you realize, and I am ready to help you choose.

Discuss your unique circumstances with an experienced Bankruptcy lawyer, and have us explain all your options for getting out of debt in Kansas City. Whatever you choose, you deserve freedom from harassing creditors and insurmountable interest rates. Handling the stress of accumulating debt can feel like you’re stuck in quicksand, which is why we offer free consultations for debt management and legal recourse. Call me, Attorney Jennifer Dodson, at 816-977-2763 for a free consultation.

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